Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Call out for people interested in having a photo shoot...

In follow up to my previous blog post entitled 'New Camera Fund', I wanted to add the following.
As you may know, I'm wanting to do more photography professionally, preferably weddings and couple shoots, but I'd like to get some more images for my portfolio.

I'm doing a couple of 'couple' shoots with some girl friends with their bfs over the next couple of months, and have said I can do them for £50 plus my travel costs to wherever they fancy having the shoot. So, if you want to take me up on this offer (which I'm going to run for a limited time only and I'll only be able to do a few shoots at this price) get in touch! Perhaps you or someone you know has recently become engaged and want to do an engagement shoot? Or perhaps you want some pictures with your special someone to mark an anniversary?

I'm also keen to do more weddings. I tagged along with the hired photographer at a wedding a few months back to give it a go myself and get some of my own shots and really enjoyed it. After putting the pics online I was contacted by two separate girls getting married next year so I now have 2 weddings to shoot in the summer! :D But as I'm only just starting out with weddings specifically, I'm charging a lot less than pros are, so if you know, or hear of, any brides on a budget who may be interested do point them my way :) I've set up a little site with some shots on here -

But here's a reminder of some of my shots from the wedding...

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