Monday, 29 October 2012

New Camera Fund...

Me earlier this year with my trusty (but old) Nikon

So I think I'm gonna invest in a full frame/pro DSLR. 

Today I've been researching a few I had my eye on. The Canon EOS 5D Mark ii was high on my list going on the fact that some wonderful photographers I know use it, but I currently have a Nikon, so I guess it makes more sense to get another Nikon so I can continue to use the same lenses. And a friend pointed me in the direction of a Nikon model that could certainly compete with that Canon one, so that's now my wish-list-item :) As it's fairly newly on the market, I'm going to hold on for a bit and hope it comes down in price fairly soon, but I know it's gonna cost me over £1,000 if I do go for it. So, this morning I came up with somewhat of a plan to a) raise some money towards the buying of the new camera, and b) get some more experience in professional photography, and approached some friends with the idea of doing engagement shoots or just simply couple shoots and I'm hoping to do a couple for Christmas. 
I've spent a fair bit of time in awe at pretty pictures on pinterest from engagement shoot, and amazing wedding shots on 'rock n roll bride', and it's really given me the inspiration to get out there and do some myself.

Some images I like...

If you're at all interested in having a shoot with me, and helping me raise some pennies, do get in touch!

Becky x

P.S I should add, you don't have to be a couple, maybe you simply have an idea for a shoot and need some portraits of yourself for promo use or even for a gift for someone.  Drop me a message =)

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