Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's been a quiet month...

September hasn't been amazing.
As a result I've felt pretty uninspired and unmotivated.
Though I did at least win a wonderful print from a fellow artist, he's incredibly talented, and isn't it a beautiful print?

Amusingly, I felt even better about winning when I found out a rather horrid person also entered and was incredibly bitter when they found out I won.  Can't help but smile when you find out you make horrors jealous really can you? Even more amusing, said person apparently afterwards posted online that she'd lost to her 'rival'(!). This is someone who is on no level a rival, bless her.  But not a nice piece of work at all, unlike my beautiful print :D
I've always said it, karma clearly does exist!

Worked on a little thing that I did for free for a local musician

and today I created this

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