Monday, 9 July 2012

Wedding Photography Ashbourne Derbyshire

Since getting my DSLR back in about 2007 I've dabbled with photography but have never done it professionally, I more just like taking snaps for personal use really and knowing I can get good quality memories from holidays and such :) But this weekend a shot at a wedding alongside a professional photographer who is well established in Derbyshire who let me tag along to get some shots myself to see what it's like. Not sure if it's something I'd ever seriously get into but I do like photography, and I'd certainly be up for shooting at friends' weddings and such.

Can't compete with the amazing but uber expensive cameras and lenses of the professionals, but I think I do have the necessary artistic flair, and although the quality of the image itself may not stand up against those taken by those who do this for a living, I do think some have turned out pretty nicely, and I think my editing gives them a bit of a pretty and vintage Becky twist.

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UPDATE - A fellow illustrator on a budget from my home town of Liverpool really liked my shots and so I've offered to do her wedding for her next year, it's a fair way off, but it's great to have actually got some paid work from these images that were really just shot to get a bit of experience and try it out for myself :)