Thursday, 12 July 2012

Finally gaining graphics tablet confidence!

A portrait illustration of a lady who goes by 'Shanty Tramp' on Facebook who makes fab rockabilly jewellery. I'm doing a bit of a portrait swap with her and this is the result of several hours graphics-tablet-ing-it-up earlier today. 
I drew a pencil sketch of her (which I thought was actually pretty good until I looked back at it after finished the digital illustration) in a sort of cartoony but still realistic style, then scanned it, and drew over it digitally with my tablet.

Here are some work in progress images so you can see how I worked this time round.

I think I'll definitely be giving the tablet more use, just a case of practice makes perfect I suppose, got to keep at it and not give up just cause it's tough, as sometimes I surprise myself like today, I do like how this turned out :)

Becky xoxo

p.s Don't forget, if you like my work and are interested in commissions, do get in touch!

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  1. Making artistic creations on a graphics tablet doesn't make you a real artist but it is true that seems creative. Technology nowadays, making people indulge in creativity.