Friday, 4 May 2012

A Brush With Burlesque Private View

The private view was great! Met some of the lovely fellow artists, got some really nice feedback from people who liked my work, and just generally had a good night!

Alan and I with my work

Exhibition organisers Sarah and Mark of 'Kinky & Quirky'

The photographer hired to take pics for the evening told me he was planning on buying one of my A3 pieces for a friend's birthday, so fingers crossed he does and I sell at least one piece!
Also had several people actually seek me out and say my work was their favourite of the lot which was very nice but a bit silly and unbelievable given the amazing paintings in the show, though I guess everyone has different tastes and some may have preferred the illustrative style pieces to the paintings...

The really lovely work of Fiona Wilson, I'd admired her stuff for a while, it was great to see it in person

Goodies for sale, including my limited edition fine art giclee prints

Talented painters!

The graphic work of designer Joe Armitage

Pip Bayley and some of his ink drawings

Free drinkies! You can spot me from my hair on this one

There were also equally arty free cupcakes :)

The exhibition is running until May 13th at East Gallery Brick Lane London, if you can make it along you really should, it's an amazing show, such a great variety of different artists and styles!

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  1. ah shoosh it's not silly! It looks like a fabulous exhibition, I hope you sell everything!