Saturday, 7 April 2012

Recent work in progress...

Still plodding on with my exhibition work, I find myself wanting to do some drawing/painting most days lately so that's good :)

I have this oil painting in progress of Velma Von Bon Bon

And tonight I did some preliminary sketches for another final piece featuring Anna Fur Laxis

Had a bit of a disappointment at the end of last week, as I found out I have less space at this forthcoming exhibition than I had thought.  Seems like there was a misunderstanding, and it's not that I have a small amount of space now, just that it is less than I thought and was planning for, so I won't be able to show as much work as I had thought, and stuff is going to need to be laid out a bit more compact and such.  So it's just a bit annoying when you think one thing but then find out a while later it isn't the case so messes with what you'd been planning in your head you know? But oh well. 
Still uber excited about it, particularly now I'm not stressing so much about getting work done as I'm 'in the zone' hehe. Still aiming to have my 6 A4ish pieces up alongside a couple of larger/A3 ones too.

Also, have got the reference shot from the Andy Hollingworth/Chris Stokes shoot at the start of the month, and I'm hoping to at least get started on that portrait before the month's out too. Failing that, definitely by the end of the May. 

May should be a busy but exciting month for Becky :) First gallery exhibition, a trip to Ireland, my birthday, and the 3 years mark for Alan and I. Busy, but good!

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