Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Missy Malone WIP

Got my 5th piece for the exhibition started today (the others are generally unfinished though so it's not like I have several completely pieces, there's still plenty of work to be done...)

This one is a biro portrait of Missy Malone. I just scanned it and can see so many things standing out as being wrong. The eyes, the eyebrows, her ear, her jaw/side of neck... going to try rectify it as best I can tomorrow.
It doesn't half help when you scan something, you notice flaws that you don't see by just looking at it on the page really...which is a good thing I guess as the people who see it in person may not be as struck by the things that are wrong as I am...
Having said that, I am overall happy with this one, and I'm also feeling more confident about having work for the exhibition :)

Here's a preview of the other four...

I know I want to do at least one more, so that will make it 6, shall see if I do any further ones.

Also have a commission to get going with for comedian Chris Stokes now too as he forwarded a snap from his shoot with Andy earlier today, so I need to bare that in mind this month as well, going to be busy.

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