Thursday, 5 April 2012

Frames. Do they make a big difference?

As I don't have much of an income at all t the moment, buying expensive frames for this exhibition next month wasn't a priority, I wanted to focus on the work itself and getting plenty done. So I got some mismatched frames and painted them with some duck egg paint I bought, I quite liked the idea of having mismatched styles in the same colour, a bit quirky and shabby chic. But today I went into a framers with the Missy drawing to see how it would look in a different frame, or whether they have any more ornate frames for my larger A3 planned pieces, and saw some wonderful swept frames, but they were around £25 each. I've managed to find them for sliiiightly less on the internet, but it's still an awful lot to me.

My question is do you think frames make a big difference? Would be people be more likely to pay more for artwork if the frame looks more expensive and more ornate? They probably would, but enough more to actually cover the frame costs do you think? Also I've got to bare in mind that I probably wont be making much if I do sell anything at the exhibition due to the commission, so is it worth splashing out on such lovely frames?

Maybe keep the smaller A4 and below pieces in the duck egg shabby chic esque ones as above, and splash out on 2 or 3 fancy large ones for the few bigger pieces?

Example of how this style of drawing would look in the frames I have my eye on, I like the white and does seem to compliment the artwork well, is it worth the price difference tho...


  1. I like the duck egg colour, and I like the idea of mismatched frames, of course it would be nice to have ornate frames like the white one but obviously you have to make sure you make a profit to cover your outgoings and time and effort spent

    1. Aiming to stick with the duck egg, and just have one or 2 large ones in the middle with A3 pieces :)