Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Brush with Burlesque

I have some rather exciting news to share!
A few weeks back I was asked to be involved in a group exhibition in London later in the year that featured artists who capture the UK burlesque scene. I had to keep it 'hush hush' until it was officially announced, but now I can write about it publicly, and I'm bloomin' excited!

Not 100% regarding the work I'll be doing for it yet, but I have an idea.

Did a bit of experimenting with a graphite and white pencil earlier on toned paper

And I'm quite liking the result, I do like the look of the white on the brown background. The likeness isn't quite right, but I did this one (fairly) quickly, and in a small A5 sketchbook, but I splashed out on an A4 highly rated one earlier so I'm going to hopefully do some more in this style as soon as it arrives and see if it's a route to go down for the exhibition. Definitely think it's something to consider. Spending longer on them and doing them in a larger size should definitely improve the final image. And I can imagine them actually standing out amongst the other artists' work as the rest either work in quite a graphic way, or are fine art painters, so something in this more delicate detailed feminine sort of style should contrast nicely :) In some pretty frames...
So, yeah, very excited!


  1. yay for the good news. I love that drawing, I really like brown paper illustrations.

    1. Thank you ^_^ Looking forward to my new toned sketchbook x