Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Diva Hollywood

Finished a portrait commission of burlesque performer Diva Hollywood, she loves it which is great :D

Also finished a commission to create some artwork for a church group who are merging with another church group due to one of the churches falling apart...

Annnd yesterday I finished a little commission for Katy Hawkins (who I've done work for before when she commissioned a logo for her business 'Miss Dolly Vintage'), this time she wanted an illustration of herself to use on her business cards as she wants to get into modelling...

And that's it. Been a busy couple of days :) But it's somewhat all quiet now really... so if you fancy commissioning me, do get in touch!


  1. Thank you, I do like how Diva's turned out :)
    Don't forget to let me know when you're up for that little swap!

    1. What kind of thing do you have in mind for the swap? :D xx

  2. I'd love something in your sort of cartoonier style of Alan and I :) Or even not necessarily completely cartoony, but somewhere between that and a more realistic piece? Whatever you feel more comfortable doing :)
    I think I'd prefer something in your own sort of style rather than the pieces closer to realism as, and as an artist I'm hoping you get what I mean, as all artists with some level of technical ability to do a good likeness portrait given enough time, but there's certain qualities each individual can bring to an illustration/drawing that's their own and their sort of signature really isn't there?
    So, to sum up, just a piccy of Alan and I if possible with a Sarah twist ideally :) xx

    1. Ah ok, I haven't done anything cartoony for a while so I may be a bit rusty but I will give it a go.
      I will look through you fb piccies of you and Adam, is that a photo you like I can work from?

      As I'll being doing one of you and Adam, maybe you could do one of me and Pete? couple themed swap :D

    2. If you'd rather not do it cartoony that's ok, just thought they were easier for you, I just want something with a bit of your flair to it I guess rather than an exact photo copy I suppose, that's what I mean.

      I'll have a look through my photies with Alan and send you some links in a Facebook message :)
      And Yeah that sounds fine, any partic style you want it in, or partic pics? Maybe you can message me too with links

      Bec x