Saturday, 21 January 2012

Art swap

Did a couple themed portrait swap with a very talented lady called Sarah Dickson :)
Here is her piccy of Alan and I (in Paris hehe)

And this was my illustration of her and her boyfriend, Pete

Here's Sarah's own entry about the swap on her blog, where you can see lots more her lovely artwork :)


Thanks a lot for the support so far with my Florence + the Machine competition entry guys, every vote is greatly appreciated (you can vote from both twitter and facebook should you have both and feel like giving me 2 votes!)

Becky x


  1. Was lovely doing a swap with you :D I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you in that comp xx

    1. Ja I enjoyed it :D Always nice to swap with other arty folks :)

      And thanks! Mine are crossed too, tho haven't got uber high hopes of making the 45 Flo picks having looked at how many amazing entries there are depressing m'self! Could prob easily find at least 45 better than mine, le boo! xx

  2. Love your art! What program do you use for your illustrations? I've been learning the ropes of illustrator, but I've never really made anything as cool as yours!

    Glad I stumbled across your blog!

    1. Hi Jess,

      All my illustrations are drawn traditionally by hand in either pen or pencil on paper. Sometimes (like in the case of this one) I scan them and colour them digitally on Photoshop :)

      Glad you like my stuff!