Tuesday, 29 November 2011


The last time I posted I was ill.
I have since got over that bout illness and started out on a whole new illness adventure. 'Yay!'
I'm sure I'm sick more than healthy lately.

Anyway, it meant I got underway with a commission that I'd been meaning to sort as when you don't feel up to doing much else other than sitting still drawing is always a good option. So here is my productivity from today...

As you can see, this was a commission from another burlesque artist :)

I had a stall at a burlesque show in York on Sunday night, 'The Cherry Pop Affair' for which I'd also designed the logo for and flyers.  Disappointingly the show didn't get a good turn out at all so I didn't manage to sell as much stock as I'd hoped,  but still got my train fare back and made some profit.  But it was a bit of a frustrating evening with people saying before the show that they'd definitely be buying certain things then either not being about again or making up an excuse, but oh well, I think as an artist it's easy to get carried away with doing people favours and things for free etc but I need to be more wary of such things I think...

Anyway, pleased with my productivity today given how crappy I feel. Just uber hoping that I'm better by Friday when we go to Paris (please send healthy thoughts my way!!)