Thursday, 19 May 2011

Stella Vine

Been in touch with Stella for the first time this year, just dropped her a catch-up e-mail earlier.
For those unaware of Ms Vine she's a British artist whose work I discovered during my A levels and loved her style, so free, childlike, and great choice of colours.
She's been great, gave me advice during my A levels, got me an invite to the opening of her first major show in Oxford, and sent me a massive giclee print of one of her pieces as a gift ^_^
I feel like I can just chat to her about life stuff too which is cool, yet I'm still yet to meet her. She was due to be at her Oxford show opening, but I think sometimes she gets anxious about big things with people like that, or at least that's what people were saying on the night...and then at Vintage at Goodwood, a festival she was involved in last year that I won tickets for after becoming a finalist in an art exhibition they put on, but she ended up not going to that either. Hopefully will meet her one day though, maybe later in the year, she mentioned earlier that she's putting on a show later in the year and as paid work experience I could be her assistant hehe.

I attempted a couple of paintings in her style at school

It was good to break away from my usual style of trying to paint portraits as realistic as possible, my art teacher really liked the project, I guess because it was really different to what I do naturally, and it led to my only A A-level hehe. They were both really big pieces too. I'll probably do more painting on larger scales when I have more time and space, one of which I will have now that uni is over!! :D

You can see more of Stella's work here

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Well, books are now complete and are in the hands of the printers, I hope they do a good job with them. And I just hope the amount of time and effort I put into each illustration on each page shows =/

I'll be exhibiting the three little books alongside 4-6 A4 prints, depending on the tutors thoughts at uni, but it'll be out of the following illustrations...



Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Long time no post, whoops.
I kinda forget about my blog when I'm updating my Facebook page constantly, and my website when I remember to.

Couple of latest illustrations for my reportage books


And another project I was working on this week, a commission.
Having seen a photo manipulation I created whilst experimenting not long ago a burlesque performer 'Daria D'Beauvoix' requested something similar. I got her to send me an unedited portrait shot of her and we discussed the image as it went along.

Here's the before and after