Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tired eyes

Gah, I've done far too much drawing today, worried about my eyes =/ Have been drawing or on Photoshop trying to sort the book cover literally since I got up till now =/
Did a few more pages of reportage drawings, then spent a few hours trying out different things for the book cover, then sketched out a drawing to do tomorrow in ink and watercolours.

Think I'm gonna change a fair bit of the sketch actually before starting to colour, doesn't look right at all when I put it up against the photograph :o Alan's eyes are way off and my face shape is a bit off, s'weird, it doesn't look like that on the actual thing, hmmm. But my eyes feel sooo tired, I really shouldn't have decided to do that at like 10 o clock at night after drawing all day. Hope they're okay in the morning =/ Need to have more breaks when I'm on this thing or drawing for hours I think...

Here's the potential new book cover design, have tried out a couple of fonts for 'Giant Peach', still not 100% on what I'm using...

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