Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Re-visiting last semester's work...

For those who don't know, last semester I created an animation featuring a sparrow, and for a separate project designed two sets of wrapping papers, one featuring hats one featuring shoes.
I've just designed another paper using some sketchbook drawings of sparrows I drew from some photographs that I had taken.

I've done a few different versions but I *think* I like this one the most.

Here are some others


I like these ones above too

And I've started playing with the idea of one using my shoes in continuous line

Homage to Christine Hawthorn's shoes, just trying them out in the colours she used.

Here is a design featuring some lipstick drawings

I actually think this could make a pretty cool design for a tote bag or make-up bag, well, I'd like a bag with a lipstick pattern on anyway :)


  1. Fantastic, I love creating papers and other materials. Beautiful illustrations, delicate yet powerful :)