Monday, 21 March 2011

Latest editorial

Two latest editorial illustrations for the Lancashire Evening Post


Tonight I have been mostly attempting to draw Rhys Darby, must have started about 5 different drawings before I got this one done, and it was the best I could manage tonight

He is crazily difficult to draw, I'm not sure why, but it was stressing me out, as portraits are what I do, yet they all seemed to be be turning out like they were drawn by a 6 year old. Strange.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Finished portraits

I've now coloured in (watercolour) the line drawing I posted a couple of entries back, going to get it sent off to the girl this week, she's seen it and said she loves it woo :)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Re-visiting last semester's work...

For those who don't know, last semester I created an animation featuring a sparrow, and for a separate project designed two sets of wrapping papers, one featuring hats one featuring shoes.
I've just designed another paper using some sketchbook drawings of sparrows I drew from some photographs that I had taken.

I've done a few different versions but I *think* I like this one the most.

Here are some others


I like these ones above too

And I've started playing with the idea of one using my shoes in continuous line

Homage to Christine Hawthorn's shoes, just trying them out in the colours she used.

Here is a design featuring some lipstick drawings

I actually think this could make a pretty cool design for a tote bag or make-up bag, well, I'd like a bag with a lipstick pattern on anyway :)


Have been experimenting with a newly taught technique to create screen printed style images without actually having to screen print. Here are the results...



Applied the same process to the burlesque illustration I did the other day

It really reminds me of the work of an illustrator I made note of last semester, Christine Hawthorn. I saved this image at the time as I liked the style.

She also created this image

which has got me thinking maybe I could have an experiment with the drawings of shoes from last semester for my wrapping paper design and see if I can come up with another image, I did some continuous line drawings of shoes that'd probably work well with this process, hmm...shall have to scan them and see

Monday, 7 March 2011


Little illustration for Ginger La Rouge.

and the line drawing for a girl who contacted me via my Facebook page.
Hopefully going to colour it this week and get it sent off to her.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Another burlesque request

I think I definitely still need to work on drawing figures, they're not up to scratch with my portraits on their own.

And this was a pencil portrait of Alan and I that I did over the Christmas hols while at his and teaching him how to do portraits so that he could do one of the two of us hehe.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Nikki Morris

A fellow illustrator came across my work on Facebook yesterday and 'liked' my page, she's recently started doing burlesque inspired illustrations herself and they're gorgeous.
Media: watercolours and ink
Take a look...

Love them. 
The effects with the black ink are great, I think those markings are my favourite part of each piece.

Watercolour portrait

Not happy with it, I think I've done myself ok but Alan doesn't look like Alan, the eyes are off. Pleh. And I discovered that it's well hard to paint curls, pah! But anyway, that's what I've done today.
Also got a new story from the Lancashire Evening Post to illustrate, but think I'll do that tomorrow, don't want to over do it and have dodgy sight again like I did yesterday hmm.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tired eyes

Gah, I've done far too much drawing today, worried about my eyes =/ Have been drawing or on Photoshop trying to sort the book cover literally since I got up till now =/
Did a few more pages of reportage drawings, then spent a few hours trying out different things for the book cover, then sketched out a drawing to do tomorrow in ink and watercolours.

Think I'm gonna change a fair bit of the sketch actually before starting to colour, doesn't look right at all when I put it up against the photograph :o Alan's eyes are way off and my face shape is a bit off, s'weird, it doesn't look like that on the actual thing, hmmm. But my eyes feel sooo tired, I really shouldn't have decided to do that at like 10 o clock at night after drawing all day. Hope they're okay in the morning =/ Need to have more breaks when I'm on this thing or drawing for hours I think...

Here's the potential new book cover design, have tried out a couple of fonts for 'Giant Peach', still not 100% on what I'm using...