Thursday, 29 December 2011

Marker pens

Added some colour to Anna Fur Laxis

and attempted a greyscale self-portrait

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Thought I'd share some feedback from lovely recent clients :)

‘Both of the pieces Becky created for me were fantastic. She consulted me throughout the process to ensure I received exactly the result I wanted and was flexible with my ideas.’ - Pip Sprake

‘Very professional, pleasure to deal with. Listened to what we wanted and then gave us what we asked for. Superb! Highly recommended.’ – Daisy Stays, Cherry Bobbins.

'Working with Becky was an absolute pleasure. She understood what I wanted and produced something even better than I ever imagined. I will commision her again and would recommend her to everyone.' - Lexxa La Ville, DarkStar Burlesque and Cabaret.

'Becky was an absolute delight to work with, very professional and fantastic communication at all times. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but Becky used her fabulous imagination and I just love the illustration! Highly recommend her for any illustration work!'. - Katy Hawkins, Miss Dolly Vintage.

'I cannot recommend Becky highly enough, she was a pleasure to work with, very professional and consulted me through every step of the process to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for. I absolutely love the illustration she did for me and couldn't be happier with the end result!' - Cadillac Arrest, burlesque performer.


The last time I posted I was ill.
I have since got over that bout illness and started out on a whole new illness adventure. 'Yay!'
I'm sure I'm sick more than healthy lately.

Anyway, it meant I got underway with a commission that I'd been meaning to sort as when you don't feel up to doing much else other than sitting still drawing is always a good option. So here is my productivity from today...

As you can see, this was a commission from another burlesque artist :)

I had a stall at a burlesque show in York on Sunday night, 'The Cherry Pop Affair' for which I'd also designed the logo for and flyers.  Disappointingly the show didn't get a good turn out at all so I didn't manage to sell as much stock as I'd hoped,  but still got my train fare back and made some profit.  But it was a bit of a frustrating evening with people saying before the show that they'd definitely be buying certain things then either not being about again or making up an excuse, but oh well, I think as an artist it's easy to get carried away with doing people favours and things for free etc but I need to be more wary of such things I think...

Anyway, pleased with my productivity today given how crappy I feel. Just uber hoping that I'm better by Friday when we go to Paris (please send healthy thoughts my way!!)


Monday, 7 November 2011

Bride of Frankenstein

Not feeling too great too. I think the only reason I haven't been sick yet it 'cause I haven't eaten anything since cereal at breakfast : /  : (
Oh well, still got some drawing done (see above). Thought I'd try out my new Pentel brush pen. Verdict: I like it : )

Been a busy past few weeks, lots of commissions, I've made over £100 this month already. Earned over £100 last month too but unfortunately also spent a lot on printing and other materials so only ended up making about £40, but this month should be good : ) This freelancing is rather fun...
And the Christmas Cards are selling well!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Christmas Decorations

Been busy trying to design some xmas decs to sell at the burlesque show on Sunday, got these done..

Not sure if I've already posted this but if anyone's got Facebook check out my page over there I update it more frequently that the blog :) x

Friday, 30 September 2011

The Cherry Pop Affair

Flyer design for a burlesque show in York. 

Pretty proud of it, first flyer design :) I do however know that I still need work on drawing the figure, I'm definitely stronger with faces.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Had the urge to do a biro continuous line doodle of Paris last night, as we'll be off there in December

Sarah Millican biro drawing done earlier today

Danny Wallace

Dino girl

Edward Scissorhands

First towels back from the printers

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Long time no post

Firstly, hellooo to the new followers, thanks for subscribing to my blog :) I appreciate the support.

Secondly, sorry about the lack of updates for a while, having gone straight into a full time job after finishing my illustration degree I've had literally no time for just sitting down and doing any drawing lately.

However, I've got something rather exciting coming up next Monday, keeping it quiet for now and trying not to get my homes up, but those that know what I'm referring to do cross your fingers for me! But it's illustration based :)

I will be back, with more illustration work in the near future hopefully :)

Bec xoxo

P.S Went to Skegness for the first time this weekend for a short break, ended up buying this Grover Hat..

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Stella Vine

Been in touch with Stella for the first time this year, just dropped her a catch-up e-mail earlier.
For those unaware of Ms Vine she's a British artist whose work I discovered during my A levels and loved her style, so free, childlike, and great choice of colours.
She's been great, gave me advice during my A levels, got me an invite to the opening of her first major show in Oxford, and sent me a massive giclee print of one of her pieces as a gift ^_^
I feel like I can just chat to her about life stuff too which is cool, yet I'm still yet to meet her. She was due to be at her Oxford show opening, but I think sometimes she gets anxious about big things with people like that, or at least that's what people were saying on the night...and then at Vintage at Goodwood, a festival she was involved in last year that I won tickets for after becoming a finalist in an art exhibition they put on, but she ended up not going to that either. Hopefully will meet her one day though, maybe later in the year, she mentioned earlier that she's putting on a show later in the year and as paid work experience I could be her assistant hehe.

I attempted a couple of paintings in her style at school

It was good to break away from my usual style of trying to paint portraits as realistic as possible, my art teacher really liked the project, I guess because it was really different to what I do naturally, and it led to my only A A-level hehe. They were both really big pieces too. I'll probably do more painting on larger scales when I have more time and space, one of which I will have now that uni is over!! :D

You can see more of Stella's work here

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Well, books are now complete and are in the hands of the printers, I hope they do a good job with them. And I just hope the amount of time and effort I put into each illustration on each page shows =/

I'll be exhibiting the three little books alongside 4-6 A4 prints, depending on the tutors thoughts at uni, but it'll be out of the following illustrations...



Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Long time no post, whoops.
I kinda forget about my blog when I'm updating my Facebook page constantly, and my website when I remember to.

Couple of latest illustrations for my reportage books


And another project I was working on this week, a commission.
Having seen a photo manipulation I created whilst experimenting not long ago a burlesque performer 'Daria D'Beauvoix' requested something similar. I got her to send me an unedited portrait shot of her and we discussed the image as it went along.

Here's the before and after

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tea Towel Competition

Last month I entered a competition to design a tea towel, found out today that I didn't win, boo, but I can share my design with you guys now :)


This was the winner...