Thursday, 7 October 2010

Just some updates....

First project at university went down well, it was about British 'firsts', this was my piece, it seemed to go down well :)

Currently working on the first part of my personal project, for which I am entering an RSPCA/Simon's Cat competition that I came across over the summer but thought it was too late to enter as the closing date on the site said earlier September, then found out when back at uni that it had a different date on another part of the site (next year) and that they'd made a mistake on the page I'd seen, bah! But anyway, doing it now :) Been mostly drawing birdhouses and lots of sparrows...

Outside of uni I've been trying to make some connections, meeting with a woman who is part of the council from where I live next week who organises events and such in the local park about the possibility on working on some illustrations for promotional materials. 
Also been chatting to a local newbie burlesque performer who is more than happy to help with my next project for uni which is based around burlesque so we're going to meet up some time that we're both free and she'll pose for me to do some life-drawing.

Have been keeping busy :) Sorry for not updating the blog much, I forget about it sometimes 'cause I have the Facebook page now (


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