Thursday, 22 July 2010

Vintage at Goodwood

I'm rather excited.  Entered a competition that was run by the people behind a new festival starting this year  down in Chichester called Vintage at Goodwood for artworks to be displayed on the site and I'm one of the finalists so have to send my work in to be hung up woo! Also won a weekend pass worth £135 and admission to the awards on the Friday where I stand a chance of winning further stuff.  Also, Stella Vine is chairing so should hopefully get to meet her. Been speaking to her a bit over the past couple of days and she'd noticed my entries in the competition and said she's going to be camping too and has admission to the awards so it'll be great to say Hi after I didn't get to meet her at the private view a few years back at Modern Art Oxford for her first solo show (it was still amazing to get to see her work in person). But yeah, really looking forward to it, the festival itself sounds fab and unique and interesting too =)



  1. Congratulations, looks like a fab event. And love your illustration below!